Named Donations

Presented in alphabetical order

Bobwhite Campsite (Osage)

Presented by and in honor of Jim and Sadie Middleton

Broken Bow.JPG

Broken Bow Campsite (Osage)

Presented by and in honor of William G. Dean

John Cooper Admin Plaque.JPG

John A. Cooper Administration Building


In honor of Mr. Cooper for his interest, his efforts and achievements in promoting the welfare of American youth through the Scouting program.

John Cooper Lake.JPG

John A. Cooper Lake

Named in honor of John A. Cooper's generous donation of building the lake itself.


Copperhead Campsite (Osage)

Presented by Bob Brooks in memory of Robert C. Brooks, Sr.

Kenworth Way.JPG

Kenworthy Way

The main road through the Reservation is named in memory of Ken Kenworthy.

Golightly Chapel.jpg

Golightly Foundation All Faiths' Chapel

Given by Wilma G. Person and Annie L. Golightly in honor of the Golightly Family

McGuire-Von Almen Friendship Circle.jpg

McGuire-Von Almen Friendship Ring

The Friendship Ring (commonly called the "Council Ring") given in honor of Tom McGuire and Keith Von Almen.

Friendship Circle Benches

The individual benches within the McGuire-Von Almen Friendship Circle have dedication plaques. Note, several plaques are missing.

Charles, Cary, Lee, Carolyn,
and Robert Guenther
in Honor of
Al Guenther

Sherry Aycock and Carolyn Rosen
in Honor of
Max Aycock and John Rosen

Peter Abell, Brian Leith, Jon Grizzle,
Sean Veazie, Chuck Barber,
and Jeremy Palazolo
in Honor of
"The Circle Six"

George Clarke, Jr. and Percy Clarke
in Honor of
George G. Clarke
SM of Troop 34

Louis Grady Hataway
in Memory of
Grady Hataway

2003 Kia Kima Staff
in Honor of
Larry Counts
Trey Moore

Dan McGuire
in Memory of
Tom McGuire - Eagle Scout and
Tommy McGuire - Eagle Scout

Troop 40
in Memory of
William Scarborough
Melvin Ball

Spencer's Bench

Second Baptist Church
in Honor of
Troop 204 Eagle Scouts

Troop 255
in Honor of
Troop 255 Adult Leaders

In Honor of
Troop 55

In Honor of
Troop 64

In Honor of
Troop 64
(second bench)

Dan McGuire
in Honor of
Troop 66,
St. Michael Catholic Church

Troop 358 Committee
in Honor of
Troop 358 Scouts and Scouters

Troop 240
in Memory of
Keith Von Almen


Mesara Outpost Log Cabin

The log cabin at the Mesara Outpost is dedicated in honor of T. Thane Smith, Jr. of Troop 64 on June 10, 2018.

Mesera Pump.jpg

Mesara Outpost Hand Pump and Well

The hand pump and well at Mesara Outpost were donated by the Scouts and alumni of Troop 34 in 2003.

Osage Staff Center.jpg

Osage Staff Center

The Osage Staff Center is named in honor of Humphrey E. Folk, Jr, the Chickasaw Council's Camp Development Chairman from 1983 to 1988.

Osage Trading Post.jpg

Osage Trading Post

 Presented By In Honor or Memory Of 

Ann Dunavant

Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Dunavant Sr.

Richard G. Taylor

Ben and Lula Coffey

Amos Duncan

Virginia S. Duncan

Swayne Latham, Jr.

Alvan F. Tate

William Fondren

George P. Phillips

William Authur, Jr.

Daniel McGowan, II. and Peter Kling

Dennis Earles

Thurston and Mary Faulk

Ross Clark II

Jack Goldschmidt

Ben H. Woodson

Daniel McGowan, III. and Peter Kling

Michael F. Pleasants

Magr. Merlin F. Kearney

Ken Carter

Vincent Fagan

Golightly Foundation

Golightly Family

Rev. James B. Stanford

William B. Fowler. Troop 278

M. C. Thomas

Robert L. Irwin

William S. Stratton

Daniel T. McGowan, III

Jeff Smith

Daniel T. McGowan, III

Lee Askew, III

Daniel T. McGowan, III

Don Drinkard

Eagle Scout Jeffery Pearsal

R. G. Gardner

Gordon Morris

Mrs. Ernest B. Williams, Jr.

Ernest B. Williams, Jr.

Lowenstein Foundation

I. Oscar Makowsky

Pete Beasley

Daniel T. McGowan, III

Hunt Howell

Lee Brassel

Robert D. Rawson

R. V. Warson, Jr.

Travis Miller

Mark Lucas

Dr. Alvin J. Weber, III

Alvin J. Weber, Jr. M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Acuff

Daniel T. McGowan, III

David W. Williams

Ralph K. Manus, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert D. Jay, III

P. G. Para

Jolly Royal Furniture

Boy Scouts of America

Jean Ulmer.jpg

Jean M. Ulmer Commissary/Trading Post

The Camp Cherokee Commissary/Trading Post was dedicated to the memory of Jean M. Ulmer on July 13, 1995.

Chickasah Wellhouse.JPG


Erected by Chickasah Lodge 406, Order of the Arrow 1969
Executive Committee: Tad Fowler, Lodge Chief; John Fletcher, V.C.; Bill Dewitt, V.C.; Gene Osbahr, Jr., V.C.; Steve Pendleton, Secy; Dick Howard, Treas.
Chapter Chiefs: Bill Bond, NE; Reid Farmer, NW; Dale Johnson, E; Mick Scott, SE; Jim Haaga, SW; Dick Howard, Critt.
Committee Chairmen: Tom McAdams; Mike Bowman; David Pendleton
At Large: Frank Mund, Jr.; Richard Stevens
Marvin Site, Lay-Lodge Adviser

Whispering Rapids.jpg

Whispering Rapids Campsite (Osage)

Presented by David W. Williams and Friends in memory of Ralph K. Manus, Jr.

White Horse.JPG

White Horse Campsite (Osage)

Presented by Al E. Klug in honor of Alfred E. Klug, Sr.

Named Donations