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(1) Kia Kima Historical Overview

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A brief history of Kia Kima.


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The Bullywumpus is a famous game that was played at Kia Kima in the 1920s and '30s. It was revived for the 75th Anniversary in 1991. But what is bullywumpus?

Burns Cemetery


A 19th century cemetery supposedly on Kia Kima Scout Reservation.

Camp Directors

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A complete list of the Camp Directors of Kia Kima.

Cherokee Gong

Cherokee Gong.jpg

Any camper who has stayed in Camp Cherokee will remember the ear-piercing sound of the gong.

Council Scouts

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The Council Scouts was a camp honor society, similar to the Order of the Arrow, that existed at Kia Kima in the 1920s and '30s. It recognized outstanding Kia Kima Scouts at a secret council fire "held somewhere in the deep woods near camp."

Edward Everett

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Edward Everett served as the first Chickasaw Council Scout Executive in 1916-1917. He also served as the first Kia Kima Camp Director in 1916-1917.

First Patch

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The first patch issued at Kia Kima was printed on the back of leftover patches from other camps.

Founding of Kia Kima

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Kia Kima was founded on April 11, 1916, by Bolton Smith. But the history of Boy Scout summer camps in Hardy extends back to 1913.

Hobgood House


A house that once stood at the present-day location of John A. Cooper Lake in Camp Cherokee.


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The history of the land of Kia Kima Scout Reservation before it became a Scout camp.

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The iconic felt sashes presented at Kia Kima in the early years.

Kia Kima Alma Mater

The Alma Mater is the official camp song or hymn of Kia Kima.

Kia Kima Flag

Kia Kima Flag.png

The official flag of Kia Kima and its symbolism.

Kia Kima Grace

The official interfaith prayer offered before meals at Kia Kima.

Ma'kya Trail

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The Ma'kya Trail is a longer hiking trail on Kia Kima Scout Reservation. Created in 1971, it has existed in several forms over the years.

Name of "Kia Kima"

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The origin and translation of the name Kia Kima.

Named Donations

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A list of all known named donations at Kia Kima Scout Reservation

Stonework Architecture - Kia Kima Cabin 2 Waterfront Staff.tif

Listed on the Arkansas Register of Historic Places for its "its use of Rustic Style architecture with local significance."

Symbols of Kia Kima

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From the iconic thunderbird to the subtle triangle, the symbols of Kia Kima represent the high traditions and heritage of camp.