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Robert Shultz (1938).png
Kia Kima Camp Director (1936, 1938)

1931 Willard Hays.png
Kia Kima Camp Director (1929-1932)

1931 Kia Kima Staff.png
"NEW STAFF MEMBERS OF KAMP KIA KIMA, Boy Scout camp at Hardy, Ark., are (left to right): Eagle Scout Andrew Wray, Troop 14; Alvin Tate, assistant scoutmaster of Troop 14; Eagle Scout Otis Tucker, Troop 11; Fritz Schultz, Troop 3; Eagle Scout Bob…

1926 Kia Kima Staff.png
Dr. J.L. Jelks
Charles Craig
Charles Ross
Robert J. Haley, Jr.
Gordon Sprott
W.L. Roney
Lawrence Kent
Jack Turner
Billy Hughes
Perry Bynum
Bert Pouncey
George Ehemann

M.T. Bocquin 1924.png
Kia Kima Camp Director (1924)

1924 Kia Kima Staff.png
(Back, left-to-right): W.W. Heiskell, L.G. Fincher, M.T. Bocquin, Chief.
(Front, left-to-right): Gordon Sprott, Henry Dinkelspiel, Cecil Wray, Jack Hale

Gordon Sprott (1924).png
Kia Kima Camp Director (1933-1935)

Pat Barcroft 1923.png
Kia Kima Camp Director 1923
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