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Camp Directors

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A list of the Camp Directors of Kia Kima.

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In the early years of Kia Kima, there existed several recognition programs for campers. The two main programs were the Kamp Emblem and the Council Scouts.

Kamp Emblem was an award given to Scouts who completed certain requirements while at camp. Recipients of this award were referred to as Emblem Scouts. The Kamp Emblem is the iconic black or red felt sesh worn around the waist of Kia Kima Scouts displaying patches from their years at camp.

Council Scouts was an honor society and a forerunner to the Order of the Arrow. It possessed some similar elements of the Order of the Arrow, and was discontinued when the Order of the Arrow was adopted.

Kia Kima Flag

Kia Kima Flag.png

The official flag of Kia Kima and its symbolism.

The Name "Kia Kima"

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The origin and translation of the name Kia Kima.


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The iconic Kia Kima totem, the thunderbird, has evolved throughout the years, but it still represents the high traditions and heritage of Kia Kima.