1931 Photo: Kia Kima Staff

1931 Kia Kima Staff.png


1931 Photo: Kia Kima Staff


"NEW STAFF MEMBERS OF KAMP KIA KIMA, Boy Scout camp at Hardy, Ark., are (left to right): Eagle Scout Andrew Wray, Troop 14; Alvin Tate, assistant scoutmaster of Troop 14; Eagle Scout Otis Tucker, Troop 11; Fritz Schultz, Troop 3; Eagle Scout Bob Carter, assistant scoutmaster of Troop 7; Eagle Scout Bob Walls, Troop 11; Eagle Scout Spencer Bell, Troop 11; Russell Perry, Assistant scoutmaster Troop 26; Gerald Capers, scoutmaster Troop 19, and an eagle Scout with 56 merit badges, and Willard Hays, camp director."



“1931 Photo: Kia Kima Staff,” Kia Kima Alumni Association Museum, accessed June 3, 2020, http://kiakimamuseum.org/items/show/1074.

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