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Kia Kima Leaders Guides

1929 - Leaders Guide.pdf

The Kia Kima Leaders Guide is published annually with information regarding the camp facilities, program, and registration. This collection of Leaders…

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Chickasaw Council Executive Board

1976 - Chickasaw Council Mississippi Tax Exempt Letter.pdf

Contains Reports of Committees, Annual Reports, Recharters, and Minutes

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Kia Kima Publications and Papers

KK - 1985 Summer Camp Handbook.pdf

Contains miscellaneous papers and publications by Kia Kima including promotional flyers, Camper Handbooks, staff materials, and program materials.

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Other Camps

1942 Camp Cedar Valley Deed.pdf

Contains items relating to non-Chickasaw Council camps, including Camp Miramichee and Kamp Kiwani. Not all of the documents relating to these camps…

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Chickasaw Council Camps A.J. Hill Scout Reservation Development Plan.pdf

Contains documents relating to other camps of the Chickasaw Council besides Kia Kima. Contains a subcollection for Camp Currier.

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Order of the Arrow

Contains sub-collections for Ahoalan-Nachpikin Lodge, Chickasah Lodge, and Koi Hatachie Lodge.

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Chickasaw Council Publications and Papers

1963 Camporee Guide, Chickasaw Council [Ed Provine Archives].pdf

Contains miscellaneous publications and papers by and about the Chickasaw Council.

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Wood Badge

1975 (8-17-75) - Commercial Appeal Mid-South Magazine - Men Will Be Boys.pdf

Contains documents related to Wood Badge, including course rosters and newspaper articles.

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Kia Kima Photos Troop 48 at Kia Kima.jpg

Contains photos related to Kia Kima. Also contains a subcollection for group photos of the Kia Kima Staff.

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Hardy, Arkansas South Fork River Cascades.tiff

Contains miscellaneous documents and pictures that do not fit into any other collection. Also see the tags:HardySouth Fork RiverStonework…

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Patches & Memorabilia

Contains sub-collections with scans of patches, sashes, and other memorabilia as well as checklists and other resources for collectors.

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Chickasaw Council Photos Troop 48 at Oachita National Forest.jpg

Contains general photos related to Scouting in the Chickasaw Council.

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