Kia Kima Flag

Picture: Kia Kima Flag

The official flag of Kia Kima Scout Reservation follows the standard design for Boy Scouts of America summer camps, which is a dark blue flag with the gold BSA emblem in the center, the name "Kia Kima Scout Reservation" at the top and "Chickasaw Council" on the bottom. This flag was first adopted in 2016.

The Kia Kima flag has two additional items that makes it stand out from other camps: a veteran insignia and four gold memorial stars. 

Picture: Kia Kima Flag

Veteran Insignia

The veteran insignia is used on BSA flags to mark major anniversaries and show the unit, council, or camp as a "veteran." The veteran insignia is midway between the main emblem and the pole, and midway between the top and bottom of the flag. It is a smaller version of the BSA emblem, but instead of "Be Prepared" it has "100" to mark Kia Kima's 100 years of service.

Memorial Stars

Four golden stars memorialize Kia Kima staff alumni who gave their life in service to their country. These four stars are sewn six inches from the pole-edge of the flag and at six-inch intervals from the bottom of the flag up to the veteran insignia. Although only four are currently known, there are likely others who have not been recorded.
Picture: Kia Kima Flag
2nd Lt. Frederick William Fiedler, Jr.
US Army. Kia Kima Staff in 1937. Eagle Scout out of Troop 29 of Evergreen Presbyterian Church in Memphis. Killed August 24, 1944, in Les Ormes, France. Lt. Fiedler commanded a platoon in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. During an attack, another platoon leader was killed. Lt. Fiedler then took command of both platoons and led them to defeat the Germans, but he was mortally wounded in the process. Lt. Fiedler was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star for his actions.

Captain William Lee Hartley
US Marine Corps. Kia Kima Waterfront Staff in 1955. Eagle Scout and member of Explorer Post 22 in Memphis. Killed August 23, 1966, by mortar fire during Operation Prairie in the Vietnam War.

J. Wayne Johnson
US Navy. Kia Kima Program Director in 1962. Killed May 30, 1967, when his helicopter crashed during a classified mission in Arizona. Johnson also created and portrayed the University of Memphis' first Pouncer mascot and later led the student effort to obtain a live animal mascot.

Major James Edward Morton
US Air Force. Kia Kima Health Lodge Staff in 1954. Eagle Scout and member of Explorer Post 35 in Memphis. Killed August 3, 1969, when his plane was shot down in North Vietnam.
Kia Kima Flag