Camp Directors

"The history of the work and feats of all the past chieftans of Kia Kima are held up to the new campers, which make up Kia Kima traditions. Chief Everett, Chief Crow[e], Chief Browne, Chief Wailes, Chief Barcroft, Chief Bo[c]quin and Chief Craig, who return this season, are to the boys like some victorious warrior in a tribe before them. These men have left ideals and feats behind them, and every year the leaders tell of them around the camp fire. Morale and discipline become second nature when the scout instinctly feel that they are inheriting these fine principles instead of having them as some set rule."

--Commercial Appeal (May 27, 1926)

The following is a list of the Camp Directors of Kia Kima. With the advent of multiple camps at Kia Kima, the title changed to Reservation Director with multiple camp directors of the subcamps.


In 1940, the Chickasaw Council moved the council summer camp program to Camp Currier. The Council still employed a Camp Director for any Scouts that wanted to attend Kia Kima. Only six Scouts and two leaders attended camp.

In 1941, the Chickasaw Council leased Kia Kima to the Eastern Arkansas Area Council which operated Kia Kima for the season.


Camp Director
1916 Edward Everett
1917 Edward Everett
1918 Robert D. Crowe
1919 Robert D. Crowe
1920 Robert D. Crowe
1921 Browne
1922 Charles D. Wailes, Jr.
1923 Pat Barcroft
1924 M.T. Bocquin
1925 Charles Craig
1926 Charles Craig
1927 Charles Craig
1928 Gordon W. Morris
1929 Willard E. Hays
1930 Willard E. Hays
1931 Willard E. Hays
1932 Willard E. Hays
1933 Gordon Sprott
1934 Gordon Sprott
1935 Gordon Sprott
1936 Robert Shultz, Jr.
1937 Burl Quinn
1938 Robert Shultz, Jr.
1939 William E. Thacker
1940 James S. Maddux Jr. (Closed)
1941 Ed Akers (EAAC)
1942 Closed
1943 Closed
1944 Closed
1945 Closed
1946 Closed
1947 Closed
1948 Tweed Johnson
1949 Tweed Johnson
1950 Tweed Johnson
1951 Tweed Johnson
1952 Thurman Frashure
1953 Bob Lundquist
1954 S. Ralph Young
1955 S. Ralph Young
1956 S. Ralph Young
1957 Pete Peters
1958 S. Ralph Young
1959 S. Ralph Young
1960 S. Ralph Young
1961 S. Ralph Young
1962 S. Ralph Young
1963 S. Ralph Young
1964 S. Ralph Young
1965 S. Ralph Young
1966 S. Ralph Young
1967 S. Ralph Young
1968 Frank Simonton
1969 Frank Simonton
1970 Frank Simonton
1971 Frank Simonton
1972 Frank Simonton
1973 Shannon Pitner
1974 Shannon Pitner
1975 Claud Brown
1976 John Ingram
1977 Tom Moore
1978 Tom Moore
1979 Tom Moore
1980 Tom Moore
1981 Dan McGuire
1982 Claud Brown
1983 Claud Brown
1984 Claud Brown
1985 Claud Brown
1986 Claud Brown
1987 Claud Brown
1988 Claud Brown
1989 Jim Russnogle
1990 Jim Russnogle
1991 Jim Russnogle
1992 W. Scott Stephens
1993 W. Scott Stephens
1994 W. Scott Stephens
1995 Claud Brown
1996 Claud Brown
1997 Trey Moore
1998 Trey Moore
1999 Trey Moore
2000 Ken Kimble
2001 Ken Kimble
2002 Don Riley
2003 Peter Abel
2004 Drew Armstrong
2005 Drew Armstrong
2006 Drew Armstrong
2007 Drew Armstrong
2008 Drew Armstrong
2009 Jeremy Palazolo
2010 Jeremy Palazolo
2011 Jeremy Palazolo
2012 Jeremy Palazolo
2013 Jeremy Palazolo
2014 Jeremy Palazolo
2015 Jeremy Palazolo
2016 Jeremy Palazolo
2017 Jeremy Palazolo
2018 Jeremy Palazolo
2019 Jeremy Palazolo
2020 Jeremy Palazolo
2021 Jeremy Palazolo

Some photos predate the individual's time as Director.

Camp Directors